Fun fact: I love Fall. Does that make me basic? Maybe. Do I care? Nyope! I was born in October so I am a forever Fall-baby. The second I feel a crisp morning, I'm like "oh, it's Fall and I have to add cinnamon and maple to everything." So, here is my first recipe on this blog: Maple Walnut Spice Mini Loaves. Cinnamon + Maple, because Fall. Mini Loaves because cute.

I made a little video to go along with this recipe and posted it to my Instagram if you're interested in that! Side note: video is totally a thing I am testing out and want to get more into!

A couple of points about why I wanted to make these loaves: 1. I wanted to make something with things I already had in my kitchen. 2. I wanted my first baking recipe to be no-so-predictable (aka: not cake).


You see that drizzle action?! That's my wife totally helping me out because I only have two hands and they were both clutching my new camera. She's the best.

Something amazing about this recipe is that it's pretty customtizable. You can change up the nuts and add pecans or almonds or anything you love, you can add some crunchy granola or muesli on top, you can drizzle honey on top instead of glaze, there are so many options!

Here are some more gratuitous pictures of these loaves before we get to the recipe - enjoy!


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Maple Walnut Spice Mini Loaves

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