S'mores from Scratch Part One: Graham Crackers


homemade graham crackers

One thing that bakers usually talk about is how they're constantly learning. Of course this is universally true for most people who make something out of nothing (i.e. artists, writers, etc.) but here, we're talking about baking. The learning never stops! One of my main goals for this blog was for it to be a place for me to share new things I learn and this mini series about scratch-made s'mores is a perfect example of that!

Part one: graham crackers (stay tuned for mallows!).

As a cake-maker, crackers are foreign to me. The science of them, the techniques, all of it. Because of this, I did my research before recipe testing and came to the conclusion that I wanted to use two ingredients for sure: graham flour and molasses. Most recipes I found used one of these two ingredients but almost none used both. Traditional graham crackers (aka: not store bought & processed) use both to create a heartier cracker. The result is a rich, dense, kind of chewy, kind of snappy, not-too-sweet crackercookie! Also, there's just something so wonderfully old-timey about using blackstrap molasses, isn't there?

The dough is a delicious shade of deep, warm, brown and is super easy to work with... even for a cracker novice like myself.


Here are a few tips I have if you decide to make these:

  • Chill the dough slightly after cutting out your crackers - not too long, about 5-7 minutes in the fridge. This will help them retain their shape a bit better. The butter will also not melt as fast, which we all know from every dough recipe ever, results in a more flakey/crumbly/delicious texture
  • While you can replace the graham flour (I used Bob's Red Mill Whole-Wheat Graham Flour) with regular whole-wheat flour, I wouldn't suggest it. It changed the cracker entirely for me - less hearty and satisfying. I mean, graham flour is pretty much coarser whole-wheat flour so it makes sense why it seemed a little less robust... which is a word I guess I use to describe graham crackers now. Hhhhhhh.
  • The molasses can be swapped for more honey but, again, it makes for a pretty sad cracker compared to the original recipe.

That's all the light I have to shed on these humble crackercookies - check back for the recipe for scratch made vanilla bean marshmallows (aka: the reason I had to buy a kitchen blowtorch).



Graham Crackers - From Scratch